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Our company lends and invests in promising financial developments. We are a team of like-minded people who know a lot about successful and profitable investments. We are investing in digital markets, the world of cryptocurrency and companies engaged in the development of high-tech mobile applications.

WidgetBankFund company's financial that provides investment services in accordance with the license of the state sample. We have legal registered in UK - company number 12206683. All actions and processes that are carried out on behalf of the company and take place within the framework of the law relating to investment policy. According to this, all investment activities are carried out clearly and transparently, so that maximum protection of investors is provided.

Investment Plans

We offer to our clients are such procedures as storage and management of financial instruments in client accounts. Interest rates vary depending on the term and deposit amount you choose for investment.

Hourly For 12 Hours
Minimum deposit - $1
Minimum deposit - $25000
Hourly For 10 Hours
Minimum deposit - $10
Minimum deposit - $50000
Hourly For 8 Hours
Minimum deposit - $25
Minimum deposit - $75000
Hourly For Forever
Minimum deposit - $50
Minimum deposit - $100000
Steps to profit
1. Create account
2. Make deposit
3. Receive profit
Referral commission

Cooperation with TOTAL FND LTD in attracting customers opens up new revenue opportunities. You will be able to receive high remuneration using the resources and experience of our professional consultants.

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Company name: Widget-BankFund LTD
Company number: 12206683
Registered office: 48 Kingsway, London,
United Kingdom, WC2B 6EP
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Our deposit offers have variable percents. Interest rates increase with increasing deposit amount and term. Higher amount of your deposit, higher your profit!

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Website of Widget-BankFund LTD company widget-bankfunds.com operates in accordance with EV SSL certificate. This guarantees the safety of all transaction data. Therefore, our customers trust us and the work of our company. Check SSL Certificate

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